Saga Diary

Saga Diary is an Android based personal Diary/Journal application. 

What does Saga mean?
Narrative of achievements and events in the history of a personage, family, etc.

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Saga Diary is an Android based personal Diary / Journal application. 

We made it easy for you to take notes with very few clicks and at the same time very powerful while viewing or searching the notes.

Saga Diary is a personal journal keeping application. Saga Diary is secured with a password / pin. It has PIN recovery options as well. 


  • Add / View/ Edit / Delete diary entries.
  • Search diary entries (full text search with wildcard support)
  • Easy navigation of the entries.
  • Unlimited number of entries (depends on the amount of disk space available)
  • Both Phone and Tablet support (with special Tablet layouts for usability)
  • Send the diary entries in email
  • Store addresses, links and phone numbers(in-built support to launch maps, browser and dialer by a single click).
  • List view of all the entries
  • Sorting the entries
  • PIN lock the diary (password protected for privacy)
  • Export the diary entries to several formats like plain text, csv (MS Excel can open these files) and XML.
  • Single click backup
  • Restore diary entries from backup files.


    • Allows an application to write to external storage.
    • This permission is needed to write the backup files and export files to the SD card.

This app does not need any other permissions except the one mentioned above.


Upgrading from the Ads supported version to paid app version is very easy.

Here are the steps for migrating 
  1. In the Free app, go to Settings and click "Backup notes". 
  2. It gives a message that the entries are being backed up. Click "OK".
  3. Open the paid version of the app (if you don't have it, you can buy at this point)
  4. Go to settings and click "Restore notes" in the paid app.
  5. It will display all the backup files. Pick the latest file which you just backup. Now the entries will be restored.
We recommend uninstalling the free version, once you purchase the paid version.

Support & Help

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q. Bought a new phone? How to move the data to the new device?
  • Click on "Backup notes" in "Settings"
  • This creates folder called "SagaDiary" in your phone memory and makes a backup of your data. A pop-up displays the location of the backup folder.
  • Open the backup folder using any "file explorer" app. The folder is usually SagaDiary/backup.
  • You will see a file diary_xml_(current date time).xml  
  • Move this file to your new device under to the same location SagaDiary/backup.
  • If you don't have this folder created in the new device, just do a backup in the new device and it will automatically creates it.
  • Go to settings -> Click on "Restore notes". 
  • It will show all the backup files with the date and time. Select the one which you want to restore

Q. What is the location of the exported files?
A. Once the export completes, you will get a notification with the location of the exported file.
    Typically the default location is:
    For KINDLE:

Q. How to view the exported/backup files in Kindle Fire?
A. You can use free app "Folders by SAS" to view the files 

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